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Kevin Copas, a locally born and raised native of Frankfort Indiana, founded the Copas Insurance Agency in 2009.  His desire to serve the community took a profound turn when he opened up the agency.  Opening an agency is a little more than just owning a business. People think of the times you get to celebrate the highest points in people's lives, but with that also comes the hardest moments. You learn quickly clients rely on you when life hits its lowest.  In 2018, Kevin was joined by his wife Marjorie Copas.  After 12 years of supporting customers, we continue to serve our clients to make sure they are properly insured and protected according to their needs now and in the future. Our clients matters to us and we look forward to continuing to serve each and every one of you! 


The Copas Agency team works hard to not only work for our clients; we reach out to help our community. We try to reach into our community by donating to different events and functions. Some of our latest support has went to help our local Church, Missions, Special Olympics, Girls Softball Team, Clinton Prairie, Frankfort HS, FUN Group activities. 


Kevin Copas

Lead Agent/Owner

Kevin is the owner of the Copas Agency. He grew up in Frankfort and raised his children in the community. Kevin is one of the few agency owners who currently lives and works in the community. He enjoys motorcycles, fishing, hunting, shooting targets, and woodworking. 


Mikal Watkins


My name is Mikal and I have been an agent at the Copas Agency for 3 years. I grew up here in Frankfort and attended Frankfort High School where I participated in Football, Track, and even a musical. 

Outside of work, I enjoy sleeping which I never thought I would put on something like this, but it is the truth! If you are wanting to know about some other hobbies I enjoy shooting, airsoft, and working/building PCs and cars! 


Marjorie Copas


Marjorie has been working here for 4 years. She lived in Clinton County until she was 6 and moved back at 17. She raised her children in the Frankfort Community schools where they were involved in plays, musicals, track, and football. She has a love for her church and community. Her favorite activities include playing music, riding motorcycles, gardening, and taking nature shots on her cameras. 


Roxy Copas

Special Agent

My name is Roxy and I am 3 years old. I am the "Big" dog of the office. These people work me like a dog! Can you believe they don't give me my own office? Everyone comes in to see me ... obviously! I am kind of big stuff around here. 

If you ever see me and want to say hello a few tummy scratches and I will be your best friend. If you don't that is okay! I will give you some space but I might gaze from afar.  Even though you are across the room just know in my mind we are still friends! 

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